To the editor:

It looks like our local anti-choice, anti-judge politicians have had a bad couple of weeks. Last week, state Sen. Kevin Braun’s and state Rep. David French’s effort to push for a change in our state constitution hit a brick wall. The Kansas House of Representatives rejected a sneaky move to amend our state constitution to eliminate the Kansas Supreme Court’s input on guarding a woman’s constitutional right to have access to abortion by slipping it onto the August primary ballot. They know, all too well, that if the issue was allowed to be on the November ballot, their side would lose by an overwhelming margin.

Actually, constitutional rights should never end up on a ballot. The vast majority of voters in our community trust our judiciary to protect our constitutional rights. Voters certainly don’t want demagogues and zealot politicians ruling over our constitutional rights. So that leads us to an event that occurred this week in our city.

This time we have anti-choice, anti-judge state representative wanna be Pat  Proctor as the center of attention at the Leavenworth County Commission meeting. On the agenda was the reappointment of a member of a special nominating committee who forwards names to the governor to select a new district judge in case there is a vacancy. Still smarting from last week’s fiasco in the Kansas House, Proctor and his crew of local anti-judge dead-enders decided to stick it to the common sense, fair-minded judiciary. True to form, Proctor submitted his name to be considered to fill the position on the selection committee even though it was obvious that he was just blowing smoke on the issue as was pointed out by a well respected public official in the room. His ignorance on the role of district judges was in full display. He made a total fool out of himself with his “I don’t know what it is but I want it” attitude as he tried to weasel his way into the limelight. Needless to say, his effort hit its own brick wall as common sense prevailed with our county commission as they reappointed the current member of the judicial selection committee.

Let me close by saying that we all need to be our own common sense judge as we vote this November. We know that we should never cede our constitutional rights to zealots and demagogues and we will vote accordingly.