When they met this week, members of the Leavenworth Board of Education voted to refinance bonds that were issued in 2012.

The move should save the district $924,613, according to Beth Mattox, chief financial officer.

Board members unanimously approved the refinancing of the bonds during a meeting Monday.

Mattox said the bonds had been set to mature between 2025 and 2029. But Mattox said the refinanced bonds are now scheduled to be paid off by 2025.

The refinanced bonds will need to eventually be converted into tax exempt bonds. Mattox said this should take place in 2022.

Also Monday, board members voted to have playground equipment moved from Lawson Elementary School to the new Warren Intermediate Center.

The intermediate center has been constructed on the grounds of Richard Warren Middle School as part of a $36.7 million bond issue that was approved by voters in 2018. The intermediate center will house classes for grades five and six.

Lawson Elementary School will be converted into an early childhood center as part of the 2018 bond issue.

Playground equipment that is designed for children between the age of 5 and 12 will be moved from Lawson to Warren Intermediate Center.

While a hard surface activity area was planned for the intermediate center, playground equipment was not planned for that location as part of the bond issue.

Superintendent Mike Roth has said the cost of moving the playground equipment will be paid with money from the school district’s capital outlay fund rather than funds from the bond issue.

Board members were told Monday the project will cost $128,090.

Roth said board members also had the option of removing the playground equipment from Lawson and storing it so it can be moved to another location at a later date.

He said board members also had the option of simply demolishing the playground equipment instead of reusing it.

Board members voted 6-1 to have the playground equipment moved to Warren Intermediate Center. Board member Mike Carney voted against the motion.

Following the vote, Board President Doug Darling said to his fellow board members, “The fifth-graders of Leavenworth thank you because they get to use it next year.”

School officials hope to move sixth-grade classes from Warren Middle School into the new Intermediate Center following spring break. Fifth-grade classes will not be moved from elementary schools to the intermediate center until the next school year.

Also Monday, board members approved the purchase of 1,055 Chromebook computers with Google management licenses for a total cost of $292,920.

The computers are being purchased from a company called GovConnection.

Brian Harrod, director of technology, said the computers are being purchased as part of a five-year replacement cycle.

The district is purchasing 921 Chromebook computers to be used by students and 134 computers for teachers.

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