Registered Democrats in Leavenworth County should be receiving ballots in the mail for this year’s party-run Democratic presidential primary in Kansas.

Ballots were mailed out Monday.

“People should start receiving them in the mail toward the end of the week,” Sherri Grogan said.

Grogan is the chairwoman of the Leavenworth County Democrats.

This is the initial wave of ballots being mailed to Democrats. Additional ballots will be mailed April 7.

“You have to be a registered Democrat to receive a ballot,” Grogan said.

She said people still have time register as Democrats or change their party affiliation in order to participate in the primary.

“People can register now and still receive a ballot,” she said.

Grogan said Democrats who have not received a ballot in the mail by April 10 can visit the Kansas Democratic Party website,, or call the KDP at 785-234-0425 to request ballots.

The last day a person can request a mail-in ballot will be April 24.

Ballots come with prepaid postage, so people participating in the primary will not need stamps to return the ballots.

Ballots are due by May 2. Grogan said people voting in the primary will need to have placed their ballots in the mail in time for them to be received by Kansas Democratic Party officials by the due date.

The party-run primary will be decided only by mail ballots. KDP officials had planned to have in-person voting May 2. But they announced Monday that no-person voting will take place because of concerns about the spread of the coronavirus.

The party is using rank choice voting for the primary. However, the race for the Democratic presidential nomination has become only a two-person race between former Vice President Joe Biden and U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders.

The ballots for the primary were printed March 5, so the names of some of the candidates who have dropped out of the race will still appear on the ballot, according to a news release from the KDP.

As of Tuesday afternoon, there are 11,484 registered Democrats in Leavenworth County, according to Deputy County Clerk Helen Klinkenberg.

Democrats in Kansas previously conducted presidential caucuses instead of a party-run primary.

Grogan believes using mail ballots instead of a one-day caucus will result in a better turnout.

She said Democratic Party officials in Kansas have benefitted by already having plans for a mail ballot process before the coronavirus began impacting the state.

With President Donald Trump, a Republican, running for reelection this year, Republicans in Kansas will not be having a caucus or party-run primary.

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