While many businesses have been shut down as a result of county and state stay home orders, major public works projects in the area continue.

A statewide stay home order that currently is in place allows for providing and maintaining critical infrastructure such as roads.

Leavenworth Public Works Director Mike McDonald said the delivery of materials and supplies for road projects could be impacted as companies that provide these materials have reduced staff for social distancing amid the coronavirus crisis.

“It’s not been a problem yet,” he said.

Work on the Thornton Street improvement project continues in Leavenworth.

While there have not been delays resulting from the COVID-19 crisis, weather has slowed the project somewhat, according to Leavenworth Deputy Public Works Director Mike Hooper.

Completion of the project is expected to occur between Oct. 15 and Nov. 15.

And while it is unfortunate schools have had to shut down, McDonald said the lack of school traffic makes the job of working on the Thorton Street project easier.

Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly has ordered school buildings to remain closed through the remainder of the school year. School districts are now providing remote instruction to students.

In Lansing, work continues on a DeSoto Road improvement project.

“DeSoto Road is still moving forward on schedule,” Lansing Public Works Director Mike Spickelmier said.

Spickelmier said he does not anticipate any exceptional delays. The project is being managed by the Kansas Department of Transportation.

The project is scheduled for completion Oct. 15, but Spickelmier is optimistic about the work being completed sooner.

Normal street maintenance work also continues.

McDonald said steps have been taken to keep city workers safe amid concerns about the spread of the coronavirus. He said the size of Leavenworth crews have been reduced.

He said other public works functions such as wastewater treatment and trash collection also continue.

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