Update: Kansas Department of Corrections spokesman Randy Bowman said prison personnel entered and secured the cell house late Thursday night.

Inmates from the cell house have been moved to a new building on the prison campus and are locked down.

Watch for more information from the Leavenworth Times.

An incident at the Lansing Correctional Facility was still ongoing late Thursday evening several hours after a disruption began at a medium security cell house, according to Randy Bowman, spokesman for the Kansas Department of Corrections.

Bowman said the incident began around 3 p.m. He said a group inmates either came out of their cells or refused to back to their cells.

He said the inmates ended up occupying the cell house, causing damage.

"Our staff got out safely," Bowman said.

He said prison personnel had established a secure perimeter around the cell house.

Bowman said the inmates appeared to be "cutting it up" inside the cell house. He said inmates were tearing up a lot of stuff including office furniture. Class also had been broken.

"They're still in there now," Bowman said at about 9:45 p.m. Thursday.

He said it looked like there was no violence among the inmates.

He said about 20 to 30 inmates were actively involved in the incident. He said several inmates from the cell house had surrendered.

Bowman said he did not know the motivation for the incident. He said there will be an investigation once the situation is resolved.