How are you adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic?

Are you working from home, and how do you like that?

What do you miss the most since the stay-at-home order was announced?

Do you spend more time on the phone?

Are you participating in more online chats via social media?

Have you finally got around to doing that DIY project?

Are you reading more?

Are you watching more movies on streaming services?

The Leavenworth Times wants to know.

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Depending on the information that we receive, we will use as stand-alone photos or combine them for feature stories.

So I will be the lead-off batter.

I really miss my group hikes. I am a member of several hiking groups. We gather on weekends throughout the year and hike the great paved and rugged trails in the entire Kansas City metropolitan area, from Kill Creek to Shawnee Mission Park to Parkville to Smithville to Blackhoof and many more.

The scenic hikes are amazing and it’s fun to visit with old friends and make new ones, even when hike leaders (no names) turn a five-mile hike into an eight-mile lost adventure.

But during this uncertain time of pandemic and social distancing, those hikes have all but shut down, and most of us are finding local trails to trek, alone as solitary hikers.

I miss hiking with my hiking friends.

Mark Rountree is the managing editor of the Leavenworth Times.