Leavenworth County voters should soon receive applications for advance ballots for the August primary and November general elections.

“They will start arriving in people’s mailboxes,” County Clerk Janet Klasinski said.

By completing the applications, people will be able to vote by mail instead of going to the polling locations.

Klasinski said her office is sending applications to everyone who is considered an active voter in the county.

The applications are being sent as statewide restrictions remain in place due to the coronavirus.

Klasinski said some form of social distancing guidelines may still be in place at the time of the Aug. 4 primary election.

The documents being mailed to voters include advance ballot applications for both the primary and general elections as well as a means for declaring or changing political party affiliation.

Klasinski said party affiliation is important for the primary election.

“They will have to declare in order to vote in the August primary election,” she said.

She said many voters already have declared their party affiliation.

Klasinski said she may mail out advance ballot applications again between the primary and general election.

People with questions can contact the Clerk’s Office at 913-684-0421.

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