Jonathan P. Tomes

Where does one begin to describe a man who gave so much and took so little? Jonathan P. Tomes was one of the most giving, loving, dedicated and loyal men I have ever known. He loved his family deeply. Jon fought for life and truly wanted to live. He encountered God late in life. When he did he fully submitted and wanted to be with the Most High, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit in the end. We are so grateful for him being a part of our lives here on earth but even more grateful that he is with us as kingdom citizens and look forward to the day we are together again.

He was born on Oct. 24, 1945, and served his country valiantly for 20 years as an officer in the U.S. Army. He served in Vietnam as an infantry platoon leader, in German in military intelligence and later as a prosecutor, defense counsel and judge for the JAGC. When he retired he became a professor of law and one the foremost experts in HIPPA laws and regulations and related issues. He also became an author, writing numerous non-fiction books, novels and short stories.  

He was a loving husband and father to three wonderful children, Carrie Ruth Tomes, Paul David Tomes and Aree Katharine Wipawee Tomes. God recently called Jon to serve his church, World Revival Church. He truly loved working with Pastor Steve Gray and Pastor Kathy Gray.  

Jon is survived by his wife, Kenda Katharine Tomes, his daughter, Aree Katharine Wipawee Tomes, his son, Paul David Tomes, his daughter-in-law, Sarah Marie Tomes, and his grandson, Michael Jonathan Tomes, and his sister, Sarah Tomes Smith.

In summary, Jon was a great man. Not a perfect man, but a great man. And, in the end was all in for God. Thank you Jesus.

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Posted online on January 26, 2021