My whole life I’ve lived under a blanket of security. My family lives just outside of Leavenworth, in Leavenworth County. Never once did we have to worry about anyone breaking in and stealing our stuff. However, that’s just not the world we live in anymore. 

I was raised with good morals, and hard work has been programmed in my bones. My father has done manual labor his whole life, even after enduring severe and permanent injuries. My mom went back to college right after having three kids, and worked full-time. Moral of the story, I can’t be a slacker. 

Being raised in this environment has made me really appreciative of the things I own, which also scares me. It seems that this year everyone has had to go to an extreme extent to protect their things, or themselves. Whether that be locking your doors, getting security cameras, buying a gun, getting rid of a gun, or any other measures, it’s obvious that things have changed. 

Not everyone is raised with the same morals, so it’s apparent why our country is having safety issues. I’m not talking about ISIS, or any foreign enemy. I’m talking about right here in our home land. The biggest threat to American safety isn’t the police, guns, criminals, etc. It’s the trust that we put into the people around us. 

I know it’s nice to be able to walk around with a wallet full of cash, or keep your car running while you run inside, but those days are over. Any sliver of hope that you may have that people will value your property, or have a good judgement, just get rid of it. Don’t put any of your things on display. If you lose your wallet, you might as well cancel all your credit cards and call it gone.  

It might just be me but I’ve lost all faith in our country’s security, and I’ve come to peace with the fact that not everyone has the same morals that I do. Luckily, we live in a small enough community that we know who to trust and who to stay away from. 

Out of all the things we’ve lost in 2016, losing faith in our own people may be the most disheartening.

Katie Heckman is a senior at Pleasant Ridge High School.