To the editor:

I worked with the local Democratic party this last fall, primarily because I felt that the conservative Republicans had done enough damage to Kansas. On a national scale, we have elected as president someone who claims to be a Republican, Donald Trump.

I don't know if the Russian meddling in our election process had much effect on the outcome, but I feel that the Democratic National Committee, and its apparently clumsy attempts to rig the process so that Hillary Clinton became the nominee, did have an effect. Her apparent lack of concern for certain groups that the Democrats have long taken for granted was a big issue among many, so they need to accept some responsibility for the results.

That being said, I feel we have as a president-elect, a wild card. I will be surprised if he serves an entire four-year term. I think that when he finally learns that even the president has some restrictions on his actions, the job will be far less appealing to him, and he may resign.

What I think may be even more likely is that the Republicans in the Senate and House will rapidly tire of his actions and he will face impeachment. I’m fairly certain that he will do something that could be construed as an impeachable act. If he doesn’t stick his own head into the noose, it’s entirely possible that they could, dare I say it, trump up some charges. That way they would have a real Republican as president, one who would probably understand the responsibilities, a great deal better.