To to editor:

Do you know any fetuses that are ready to receive tax benefits for college savings accounts? House Republicans pretend they do, which is why they slipped a “fetal personhood” clause into their version of the federal tax bill currently being entertained by the Republican majority in Congress. Their goal, of course, is not to help families save money for their children’s college funds. No one is stopping a family from doing so, after all.

Their goal is to undermine women’s rights by law.

Here’s how I know that’s their goal.

I doubt these people failed Biology 101 in college, so they should be aware that at least 17 percent of all conceptions end in spontaneous abortion – when Mother Nature steps in and eliminates faulty groups of cells, often still in the zygote stage, from women’s bodies. While such miscarriages are sometimes traumatic for the women experiencing them, many women never even realize they were pregnant when they occur.

We don’t, after all, come with a special light that shines when we have conceived, although the biological ignorance displayed by House Republicans indicates they might believe we do.

For the next 40 weeks, cells divide and grow, with fetuses completely dependent on the women’s bodies in which they are growing just like tumors. Fetuses feed off of our bodies. They affect our energy levels, determine our cravings and can even kill us.

Women with unchecked gestational diabetes, for instance, are slowly being killed by the growing fetuses in their wombs because the placenta (the only organ that can be regrown numerous times) creates hormones that block insulin production in the mother. The condition can cause the same side effects as regular diabetes, and pregnant women have died from it.

More prominently in the news is hyperemesis gravidarum, which Kate Middleton has for a third time with her third pregnancy. Most women with HG vomit three or more times a day nearly every day of their pregnancy, leaving them dehydrated and malnourished with metabolic imbalances that can, literally, kill them. Women who survive HG are often advised not to get pregnant again.

However, the clause the House Republicans slipped into the tax bill would prevent any of these women from making a decision to end a pregnancy for their own health and safety because they believe fetuses are more important than the women carrying them.

What Republicans have wanted since the 1970s is to enslave women to our wombs, not allowing us as rational adults to make decisions regarding our own bodies, our own health or our own families. They feel entitled, in fact, to tell us how to live as though women are just slaves to men.

Realize that you cannot vote anti-choice and be pro-democracy simply because if you choose to eliminate half of the U.S. population’s right to make their own decisions, you are not pro-democracy.

Stop believing Republican myths and misconceptions about pregnancy.

Start trusting women to make our own decisions like the rights-protected individuals we are.