To the editor:

It’s tax season all year long for most of us living in Leavenworth. Thinking about the taxes paid by most city dwellers to a number of entities started this writer’s research. Therefore, excluding federal taxes, successive letters will begin with taxes paid to the state, both income and other, the county, and so forth.

In addition to our federal income taxes, we have state income taxes to pay. On June 6, 2017, when the pretend Republicans and the newly elected Democrats overrode the governor’s veto to pass SB30 effective July 1, 2017, they not only increased the taxes on business income but also the tax rate on individual incomes. Did you know they made those taxes retroactive to Jan. 1, 2017? The bill is a whopping two-year, $1.2 billion income tax increase.

The previous top individual Kansas income tax rate was 4.6 percent. SB30 raises the highest rate to 5.2 percent for 2017 and 5.7 percent for 2018 and thereafter.

Replace the tax-and-spend legislators with some who can find ways to cut spending.   

Yes, just as the state was beginning to see the economic payoff for the Brownback Kansas tax exemption for “flow-through” business income the current Legislature changed the formula. It’s normal to take about three years to see the economic benefits from less taxation of businesses. But there was no patience to wait for the “better-than-expected sales …” that suggested an improving economy as reported by AP writer John Hanna in the Leavenworth Times on Nov. 4-5 and the increased employment reported April 22-23.

We also send non-income taxes to the state which will be examined in the next letter.