To the editor:

I’m sure some would say since I write a weekly column – why do you have to listen to any more of whatever I have to say? And, it’s because I want to talk about process more than content. There have been several letters to the editor, and even a column or two, recently that responded to things I have written. I appreciate and value an exchange of opinions and civil conversation – even when, or especially when, we have areas of disagreement. But I don’t think the best venue for that dialogue is in the newspaper – nor in tweets, Facebook, blogs, etc. Those media are fine for allowing each of us to put our ideas out there but not for the important dialogue on which our civilized community and society depend.

Given that some have responded to my columns, I am hoping that another attempt in the New Year might be more fruitful than my previous efforts have been to find a safe time and place to have face-to-face dialogue. I’ve been part of similar processes in many other communities and contexts, and have some experience with ways to help it work well.

Maybe Saturday morning at 9 a.m. in a coffee shop isn’t a good time? Where and when might be better? Is weekly too often? I see a couple of you out in the community who have been writing. I look forward to hearing from you about a time and place that we could move our exchange away from the written word, and into an open, shared dialogue.