To the editor:

First of all, I want to say thank you to Mayor Pro-Tem Preisinger for voicing the opinions of the residents of the city of Leavenworth concerning the proposed roundabout at 20th Street and Eisenhower Road. It is my belief that Mr. Klemp, who is supposed to be a voice for the citizens of Leavenworth on the County Commission, could care less about the opinions of the individuals he represents. If Mr. Klemp and Holland want a roundabout so bad they should construct one on their property not on our roadways.

I can understand the purpose of roundabouts within city boundaries but not on major thoroughfares such as Eisenhower Road. As you can tell, I’m not a big fan of roundabouts. I believe the statement made by Public Works Director David Lutgen that the cost of constructing the roundabout would be about the same as installing a traffic signal at the intersection. Thus, where is the cost saving alluded to by Mr. Klemp earlier? If the County Commission is looking to save money, why are you constructing a four-lane road all the way to County Road 5? Stop it at the Branches subdivision. You would save a lot more than the stated $2,000. I would ask why you are even considering a four-lane that far out.

From the article in the Leavenworth Times, the engineering firm hired I assume by the County Commissioners recently conducted a study and determined that neither a roundabout nor traffic signals are warranted at this time. A statement that obviously neither Mr. Holland and Mr. Klemp care about. Therefore, I state that the Leavenworth and Lansing officials meet with County Commissioners and reach an agreement either to install four-way stop signs or place necessary conduits for future traffic signals as they become warranted.

From past articles in the Leavenworth Times, several of our county commissioners have no problem with violating written contracts and even taking retaliatory actions against anyone that tries to take any legal action against them. I want to ask the Leavenworth city officials to explore legal action against the Leavenworth County Commissioners for violation of the signed 2016 contract that states “appropriate and necessary traffic signals including at 20th and Eisenhower and signage shall be installed under the project.” I see nothing mentioned about a roundabout.

In closing, I would ask all voters to remember Mr. Klemp’s comments when the mayor pro-tem suggested a public meeting to be held concerning this issue. Mr. Klemp stated that the people who attend the public meetings may not have researched data regarding roundabouts. Also that Mr. Klemp told the Leavenworth city officials they could have their meeting, but I don’t know what you’re going to gain by it. Why not level with the citizens of Leavenworth and tell them this is just something you want and because of that, the opinions of the rest of us mean nothing to you? Also I believe it is time for the Leavenworth County Commission to take on the duties they were elected to perform. We the citizens of Leavenworth and the county elected other officials to run different agencies with the county, not Mr. Holland nor Mr. Klemp. We have seen this kind of activity for more than two years and it’s time for it to stop. Leave our other elected officials alone to perform the duties of the office we the voter elected them to do.