To the editor:  

What is not unbelievable is that I am a Republican and understanding of taxation and money as well as hard work and benefits of such. What is unbelievable, by me, is Ms. Heflin's letter of Jan. 17. I can't believe that she would think that a company giving their employees a bonus is a horrible thing. By the way, the Republican supported tax reform is the reason that so many companies are able to do so, which she also thinks is a horrible thing.  

Her friend is right when she proclaimed that she was putting that money back into the economy which in turn will benefit other companies which in turn will benefit their employees. This is now happening all through the corporate world as a large number of American companies are giving their employees bonuses. And you are right Ms. Heflin, that is trickle down economics, all as a result of the Republican tax cut to the entire population.

I will tell you where the American economy would be if that money had just been given to the American people – it would have gone stagnate. Why? Because the poor and the middle class don't own or create companies that hire people – the rich do. With the now additional money that the companies have, they can enlarge those companies or create new ones. That means that the poor and the middle class can now find jobs that previously didn't exist. With the tax cuts that put money in everyone's pocket and the new available jobs should they go to work, the entire population will be richer. See how that works?

Just because her company provides excellent benefits that other companies may not provide is no reason she shouldn't get a bonus if one is given – after all, her company must believe that her performance on the job is the reason she deserves the bonus. It would be nice if everyone could work for such a company, but that thinking is just not logical. At the same time she should realize, and be thankful, that the tax cut did allow her company, through their “beneficence” to give her that bonus.  

How can you see her as self-centered and greedy just because she accepts that bonus rather than running out and giving that money to the general population? How can you say she “has done absolutely nothing” to earn that bonus? She apparently does her job in a satisfactory manner, or I'm sure she wouldn't be employed. By the way, being greedy and self-centered is not a symptom of a conservative American. Most conservatives are kind and decent people.  

We have all seen what Obamacare got us. A large majority of the insurance companies jumped ship and that caused the rates to skyrocket. Free market is the only answer to reasonable and steady insurance rates.  

I don't think you want to talk about buying votes (which isn't the reason for the tax cuts) since the Democrats create every program they can to dole out more and more money to people who don't work and don't want to just to receive more votes from the lower economic class. Now that is a sad state of affairs.