To the editor:

Bigotry has many faces, from sexism, racism and class discrimination, but all tend to have one thing in common – elitism – when the person expressing the biases feels superior to the people s/he’s speaking about.

Unfortunately, such elitism has become common in America and is the real cause of the divisiveness we are currently experiencing because it keeps some Americans from trying to communicate with and understand others.

The concept of “trickle down” economics is the epitome of such elitism, with people who defend the belief prejudiced toward the rich, who they believe are better equipped to understand how to use money than the average American.

What they refuse to understand is that the common people are more likely to spend money they have, better stimulating the economy, than the wealthy or corporations, the CEOs of which admitted they would not use the Great Republican Tax Shift money to create jobs or bring manufacturing jobs back to the U.S.

Instead, the economy is best boosted when money percolates up. Many northern European countries have learned this fact and implement healthy financial assistance to every citizen. For instance, Finnish mothers receive maternity care boxes, free child care and a shorter work week for both parents until the child is 2 years old. Finland also recently began giving random unemployed citizens an additional $600 a month to encourage them to continue seeking employment. And many European countries require all employers to give employees, including part-timers, at least 25 days paid leave each year. One goal in all of these countries is to stave off corporate tendencies to hire by-contract and part-time employees who receive no benefits by requiring benefits for all employees.

Like the Republican who responded to my recent letter on the issue, the bias against percolate-up economics is exposed when they insist that the bonuses some corporations are providing to their employees will “stimulate the economy” when they spend the funds. They fail to realize that the economy would truly be stimulated if every American had such money to spend.

A country’s economy is determined by supply and demand. If only a few people have the funds to demand American goods, America doesn’t need to provide as much supply, thus won’t employ as many Americans.

Had Republicans truly had America’s economic health in mind instead of kowtowing to their corporate masters, they would have passed a more sensible bill that would truly stimulate America’s economy overall.