To the editor:

It seems there is very little chance of officials of the local governments agreeing with county officials on anything, nor elected officials agreeing with each other on anything. As sure as they disagree, we will have to have another study or a lawsuit to try to get the other party to agree with each other. It seems no amount of discussion or voting makes any difference. If someone later changes their mind, the whole issue is brought up for rehashing and more voting. I thought once there was a vote, the issue was final. 

These studies and legal activities are costing taxpayers a significant amount of money and delaying progress on projects that are much needed. Even if the cost of a roundabout versus a traffic light system differs, adding another study or legal fees doesn't balance it out. The only choice should be to agree to disagree and follow what is written and voted on. 

When new officials come into office, they should not be able to reverse decisions made and voted on before they were in office. When the cities and the county have a joint concern, they need to have all the discussion, studies and professional opinions to review before they vote.

Who decided improving Eisenhower meant it had to be four lanes? Maybe three, with the middle being a left turn lane, would be sufficient. Or maybe there just needs to be right turn lanes to keep traffic moving. It is hard to predict how long it will be until there is a significant effect on traffic from the industrial area enlarging or the 200-plus housing units that will eventually be built. Just because the land is designated for that development doesn't mean it will happen. I hope the homeowners who are being displaced by the widening are being well paid, because the way the government is acting, they may change their minds and not do anything, and that would mean they have gone through a lot of grief for nothing.

I believe I read there was already an engineering study about the pros and cons of a roundabout. It was also decided at some point to put sleeves in just in case a traffic signal was needed at 20th and Eisenhower, after the widening takes place and the traffic increases. Even with the current amount of traffic, it seems some kind of signal is needed, even if it is only a traffic light. By the way, I believe most modern thinkers would think a traffic light system is what traffic signal means. Recently, someone requested a definition of traffic signal.

It seems a lot like the issues in the federal government, where people keep saying they did not say something when there is a recording of exactly what they said. Just like the city and county meetings are recorded and minutes taken.

Elected officials need to worry more about what is best for their constituents and less about what they think they want.

If the voters decide to elect more commissioners – five instead of three – there would be less voting just to disagree with the commissioner you don't like. And remember that issue has to be voted on by the public.

It is almost comical to read the Leavenworth Times’ articles about the commissions. It might be funny if it weren't so sad and a poor representation of how government should work. Remember, government is supposed to be of the people, by the people and for the people and that doesn't mean just the elected officials.