Saving money is extremely hard to do, especially when you are a college student. Not only is the cost of higher education astronomical, the average cost of living creates a huge financial burden as well. Some people are lucky enough to live at home, get scholarships or have wealthy parents, but for those who aren’t as fortunate, life can be very stressful.

Something I learned very quickly when starting college is that no one is alike. There are students of all ages, backgrounds and professions. Being surrounded by so many people, hearing their stories and learning more about their struggles can really put things in perspective. However, I’ve noticed that something most students worry about is not homework and time management, but money.

I have seen students of all ages coming into an 8 a.m. class straight out of an overnight shift, running on only a few hours of sleep from the day before. What is shocking to me is that there isn’t only one or two students who do this, but a majority of my peers are working this hard to afford school and a comfortable lifestyle. 

In today’s world, money is the biggest motivator. Not many students are pursuing a career for the work, but for the money. The American dream applies to each an every college student – if you put in the work and succeed, you will be rewarded. However, that reward isn’t winning the lottery, it’s earning a degree, having student loan debt and working until you retire, so good luck.

Katie Heckman is a freshman at KCKCC.