To the editor:

Here we go again readers. Once again Mr. Rich Kiper, Ph.D. (of history) is engaged in a whole lot of weeping (his words) from his soapbox column in the Leavenworth Times. As usual, he stands on his soapbox looking down his nose, wagging his finger at readers that don’t join him in his anti-choice religious views. Mr. Kiper has a long history of wailing in our local newspaper. I think we are approaching a 25-year run and quite frankly his overly wordy and boring writings can only be described as stale and even a little bizarre with all that crying. Does he need professional help so that he can cope with being increasingly irrelevant and uninspiring in his arguments? Little does he realize that most readers just shrug their shoulders and say to themselves the obvious, “If you are against abortion then don’t get one.” It’s that simple. Cranky, weeping and controlling old men don’t carry much credibility with the public due to their lack of necessary equipment to choose whether or not to seek an abortion. You never can tell about these finger-wagging, anti-choice zealots who continuously try to force their views on us. 

Let me conclude my letter by echoing the thoughts of most of you reading this letter. We support a woman’s right to choose without prejudice, without government interference and without harassment from soapbox zealots. Women will do just fine in making their own decisions. That is the long and short of it, now and in the future.