Winter boredom is a real issue that many families deal with. Winter boredom is a struggle because you really want to get out of the house and do something, but it’s just so darn cold. Your options are chopped in half due to the weather, and very little indoor activities are affordable or appealing to adults.

In our small town, there’s very limited free or cheap activities to occupy your time in the winter. When it’s below freezing out, it’s not as fun to walk along the river or take a stroll downtown. However, there are more free things to do than you may realize, you just have to be creative. 

One rewarding and time-consuming activity is learning a new skill. Learning to sew, draw or cook can be valuable in the future and you might find yourself making it a hobby. If you have no interest in learning a new skill, one free activity could be sledding. Leavenworth is full of hills that are perfect for sledding and perfect for active people of all ages. 

It’s tempting to just sit inside and watch TV all day, but over time it gets so boring and unhealthy. Don’t let the lack of activities keep you on the couch. Instead, get creative and find something to do. Not only will you cure your winter boredom, you’ll have a new set of skills to show off in the summer.

Katie Heckman is a freshman at KCKCC.