To the editor:

The 2018 Legislative session is back in session and, while we don't face the same massive budget problems as last year, we are facing many issues with regard to education, the judiciary, state roads and more. As we face these different issues, it’s important that constituents are comfortable approaching and talking with their representative. Topeka has many voices, but the halls are often filled with lobbyists and party insiders. As your state representative, I need to hear from real people about the issues that matter to them.

I want to say thank you for the many discussions, public and private, that have helped guide me in my first term. I ask that you continue to reach out to both myself and other elected officials to ensure that your voice is heard. I continue to weigh the pros and cons of bills through the lens of the Leavenworth community. I’m proud to represent Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians and unaffiliated voters across Leavenworth. 

While we come from different backgrounds and we will not always agree, I believe reaching out and understanding different perspectives is a key to success. When we try, we can find that we share many of the same priorities and together we can work toward a better Kansas. Please feel free to call or email me concerns or ideas on how we can ensure Kansas continues to be a great place to live and grow a family.

Editor’s note: State Rep. Jeff Pittman represents the 41st District.