To the editor:

As of 2017, Kansas offered nine different university car tags, 13 organization/club car tags, eight military car tags, and seven “distinctive” license plates, including “In God We Trust.”

Politics keeps rearing its ugly head, though, and now the Tea Party wants its adopted flag, “Don’t Tread on Me,” as an option. Such ultra conservatives also want an anti-abortion slogan of some sort, too.

Has anyone in our state Legislature offered a “Trust Women” license plate?

In a democracy, it’s only fair to offer alternatives to political slogans when the public is allowed to purchase vanity plates.

So, for every, “In God We Trust,” there should be a “In the Goddess We Trust.” For every “Don’t Tread on Me,” there ought to be a “Make Love Not War.”

While it’s great that Kansas wants to take advantage of the technology to create more personalized license plates, which are often fun to read, our legislators need to remember that fairness is the key to democracy.

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