To the editor:

Making schools gun-free zones created just the environment those seeking to kill a lot of people want, a place where no one shoots back. And the Democrat answer every time there's a mass shooting is to take firearms away from those who didn't do it.

We have armed security everywhere these days – except schools. The crazies don't go to those places to cause harm, they go to schools where no one is armed.

The gun grabbers are now exploiting the school shooting to call for firearm bans again, using many dishonest arguments to do so. I hope the Democrats actually run on that issue. They'll lose big if they do.

If they were serious about disarming the American people, they've had control of Congress many times in the past and could have done it then. They didn't because they know it's a losing issue with the American people.

They're not serious about the issue, but want to demagogue this matter and use it for a fundraising issue. They know Americans won't be totally disarmed, and for good reasons.

People need to look at this issue with some adult logic not infantile Democrat emotionality and hysteria. 

A 1974 school attack in Israel forced them to look at all options to protect their schools. Finally, they implemented several types of security, including armed security people, metal detectors and armed teachers, depending on the location and threat level.

There have been only two school attacks in Israel in more than four decades, and armed teachers took out the bad guys both times. It's tough to argue with such results.

Most casualties in school attacks take place in the first few minutes, before police can respond, find the shooters and take them out.

The passage of laws making schools gun-free zones made them soft targets, and most school shootings happened after that was done in 1995.

After this latest shooting, and all of the emotional hoopla, we've again announced very loudly that our schools are easy targets for any terrorists and any organized gangs that want to harm us or try major extortion attempts by taking large numbers of hostages. Think of MS-13 or any number of the gangs made up of foreign paramilitary guys or mercenaries.

Our losses in schools have not been nearly as bad as they could be if ruthless, experienced, well-equipped people showed up with the right weapons. The loss of 17 is a drop in the bucket compared to what can eventually happen.

The only way to stop bad guys with firearms is with good guys with firearms. Waiting for police to arrive can cause extensive and unnecessary loss of life. 

The gun grabbers, by refusing to have armed people at schools, are perpetuating them as totally soft targets. They're making a national security problem go on and on, and making loss of lives go on and on, for what they see as political and monetary gain. We don't need naive teenagers telling us what to do about this serious problem. We need adult, logical thinkers with knowledge of the realities of the world.

It's time to stop the Democrat exploitation of this issue and get on with what really works, just like the Israelis did. Otherwise, it's just a matter of time until we see events that make Parkland look insignificant by comparison.