To the editor:

While this letter will probably never see print, as a longtime Leavenworth Times subscriber, I have to respond to the printing of intellectually insulting cartoons on the Feb. 27 editorial page.

The first is a warped depiction of Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of the National Rifle Association. Though Mr. LaPierre may have steeled himself to such sick attacks, there is no excuse for such hate humor. The author of this travesty’s moniker is degraded beyond identification so, for now, his identity is unknown.

The second, contributed by a libelous creature named Stahler, will require a short backstory.

Stahler’s cartoon asserts that the NRA is a figurative nut tree and that the organization’s ideologies reflect that. His agonized ignorance is blatant and profoundly offensive.

I am a life member of the NRA. When my dad began my firearms education, he taught me the unyielding rules of gun safety and gave me my first NRA membership for my ninth birthday.

Over the years, progressive leftists and their morally spineless minions have invented demonizations like “Saturday night special” and “semi-automatic assault weapon” to instigate and perpetrate their misinformation attacks.

Stahler’s sympathies have always been obviously far left-leaning, but most could be dismissed as death rattles of the socialist weather underground-type rubbish. This time, he has personally insulted more than five million decent, law-abiding people, many like me who have not only been NRA members but in many cases, had careers in law enforcement or the military.

To sum up by observation of this whole state of affairs, as far as the AR-15 being a killer of innocents, only an imbecile blames the stinger for the acts of the bee, the car for the acts of the driver or any other moronic misdirection. Stahler’s mischaracterization en masse of a vast group of good, decent people needs to be addressed.

Harkening back to another of my dad’s wisdoms to live by, as it may pertain to the Leavenworth Times’ publication of such unworthy trash, if you can’t do it right, don’t do it at all.