To the editor:

Harrison claims Israeli teachers haven't ever been armed. That's just a plain, bold-faced falsehood. There are now many more armed security people in Israeli schools than teachers, but there are still armed teachers too.

An article in Arutz Sheva, known in English as Israelnationalnews, on March 2, 2018, provides full information about the arming of Israeli teachers. The facts I reported are totally true. The article proclaims that the NRA and others advocating armed people in schools are exactly right. It shut down school attacks in Israel, and they're surrounded by terrorists who'd love to attack their schools.

Whether armed security or armed teachers are irrelevant, the attacks stopped after it became known there were armed people at the schools. Firearms were the answer that worked.

I often see people calling some suggested remedy a “no brainer.” They're usually wrong.

One is the notion that we must ban anyone under 21 from having firearms.

What about the 18-, 19- or 20-year-old veteran who just returned to his rural home in the U.S. from taking on the Taliban or ISIS in Afghanistan or some other place? He's an expert with firearms.

Do we tell him he can't buy a shotgun to hunt ducks, geese or pheasant, or a rifle to hunt deer, elk or mountain sheep? Do we tell him he can't own firearms to protect livestock? Do we tell him he can't practice for Olympic shooting sports or other shooting competitions? That's silliness. But Feinstein recently said all veterans are mentally ill and shouldn't be allowed firearms. Well, many of our fine police officers are veterans. Let that sink in a minute. Her liberal nuttiness won't solve anything.

We must stop blaming firearms and blame those who wrongly use them, not those who don't.

We must take our time in making these decisions and listen to logical adults with real expertise, not hysterical teenagers or those exploiting every crises to push liberal agendas.

Chicago has the strictest gun control rules in America, and over the President’s Day weekend, eight people were killed and 30 wounded. We don't hear much about disarming the welfare ghettos, where constant firearm carnage is absurdly prevalent.

We don't have as much a firearms problem as we have a people problem, people who don't value human life and don't obey our laws. In Switzerland, nearly everyone has access to firearms and their murder rates are very low.

We have lots of firearm laws. They just aren't being enforced.

Those thinking government is always the answer need to look at the horrific failures of the FBI and local law enforcement in Parkland. What incredible malfeasance.

We mustn't succumb to hysteria and rush to make laws that are unneeded, punish the innocent, don't address the real problems and just fault the inanimate object rather than those who misuse them.

This is a matter for serious deliberation by the U.S. House and Senate, where the laws will have to come from, not talking heads or political hacks with useless agendas and lies. It will take time to get it right, and firearms will be the answer that works, like in Israel.