To the editor:

Stop blaming firearms is an opinion of a local reader. The author states that I claim Israeli teachers haven’t ever been armed. I did not state that. I said that a recent report on CBS, March 2018, stated that presently the Israelis do not arm teachers because they have a well-trained and armed security program.

The author then states that there is an article in the Arutz Sheva, known in English as Israel’s national news, referencing this subject. The title national news does not imply that it is the voice of the government/country. It is a news organization just like CBS, CNN, FOX, PBS, etc. So it does not speak for the government. I could not find any article referenced by the author about the arming of teachers except for the Arutz Sheva’s support of the NRA and others that advocate armed persons in schools.

The author then attacks the 21-year-old rule for purchase of a weapon(s). The author goes on to speak of the young veteran returning home who wants to hunt, target shoot and protect livestock being precluded from owning weapons until the age of 21. I spoke of only restricted sales of assault weapons.

I stated that possessing weapons of war was what I was against. As I stated in my previous opinion, I am for rifles, shotguns, black power and pistols for hunting and/or sport. I spent my time in the service of this country to defend your right to do it. Just like “shouting fire in a movie theater” is a violation that cannot be circumvented by the first amendment, so too should be the possession of a weapon of war.