To the editor:

Many months have passed since the officer-involved shooting on Rose Street. The officer involved was fired by our chief of police. But there's something missing.

We haven't been notified of what was contained in the KBI report on that incident. Why?

A KBI report on such an incident would be long and very thorough. I want to know what conclusions the KBI report made and what actions the report recommended, if any.

I realize the entire report may be as lengthy as a Tolstoy novel, but those two pieces of information are things the public deserves to know.

Did our chief of police take the actions recommended in the report, or did he fail to follow them? Did he go beyond what the KBI report recommended? Were his actions justified by the information contained in that report?

Surely our county attorney has read the full report. I'd like to see him give a brief synopsis of it in the Times. 

The public deserves to know those two things about that incident, and the resulting firing of an officer.