To the editor:

While Ernest Evans’ column on March 13, 2018, was technically correct about Kansas history with regard to women’s rights, his title “Women’s rights in Kansas on right track” is extremely inaccurate.

The biggest threat to women’s rights in Kansas exists in the current governor’s coalition to oppose women’s rights by granting fetal personhood rights via a radical change to Kansas’ constitution, something Evans did not address in his column.

Toward this anti-women's rights goal, Colyer is raising $2 million to run a campaign to convince Kansans that we’re better off valuing fetuses than we are women.

If this amendment passes, women will become nothing better than third-class citizens, behind both men and fetuses in importance.

Women will not only lose the right to choose life-saving medical abortions, but also could lose their democratic rights to make their own decisions across the board.

How many women will end up in prison because they have miscarriages? 

How many Kansans will die because women won’t be allowed life-saving medical care?

Do you believe women are less valuable than any fetus they might carry?

Do you believe that democracy is the best method of government and should be preserved?

You cannot have it both ways.

If women are demoted to being less important than any fetus they might carry, we will no longer have a democracy.

Remember, rapists decide what happens to women’s bodies. Don’t vote like a rapist.

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