Last week my wife and I visited the Yad Vashem Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem. Several years ago we saw the ovens in the Dachau concentration camp. Those sites are chilling reminders of the depravity of humankind. They are vivid testimonies to the evil of those who view classes of people as untermenchen (inferior people). 

Upon returning to Kansas, I read that “a group of rabbis” demand that Sen. Steve Fitzgerald “stop comparing abortion to the Holocaust.” They claim that the Holocaust should not be used for “political purposes.”

More than six million Jews and five million Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals, disabled and Roma died at the hands of Hitler. In 1919 he declared that the “ultimate goal must definitely be the removal of the Jews altogether.” In December 1941, he stated that “the annihilation of the Jews” is necessary. As a military and political dictator, Hitler made a political decision to use “the mechanisms of state power” to eliminate untermenchen.

Abortion is as much a political issue as was the extermination of Jews and others. Too many religious leaders in Europe failed to stand up against the slaughter perpetrated by the Nazis and speak publicly against what became the Holocaust and the deaths of 11 million people. Why were the Jews and others exterminated? Because they were “alien people in Europe.”

Now, as then, too many pastors, priests and rabbis in the United States fail to stand up and speak publicly against the holocaust perpetrated by Planned Parenthood and others that has killed 61 million unborn children – another class of people. Why are unborn children being exterminated? Because they are alien people in the womb – untermenchen.

The rationale of “a group of rabbis” is astonishing. They claim that Hitler’s ideology and his dehumanization of the victims distinguish the Holocaust from abortion. What can be more dehumanizing than ripping apart unborn children in the womb? To “a group of rabbis” they are not “living breathing human beings.” Have they ever seen a sonogram?

Are they not aware that “the mechanisms of state power” are being used to perpetrate the horror? 

Millions of taxpayer dollars go to Planned Parenthood. Please don’t trot our the canard that taxpayer money is not being used for abortions. Money is fungible. Directly or indirectly, Americans funded the destruction of 321,384 unborn children by Planned Parenthood alone in 2017.

Contrary to what the rabbis assert, comparing the Holocaust to abortion is not “trivializing their extermination.” It is reminding us of the “evil that lurks in the hearts of men.” It is forcing us to recall what happened to six million Jews and five million other human beings more than 50 years ago when few stood up against evil. Rabbis should be praising Sen. Fitzgerald for reminding us of what can happen when those in power determine that the unborn are “inferior life.” 

No, the rabbis attack an individual who is committed to saving lives, who is committed to ending the holocaust that has killed more than five times the number killed during that period of unspeakable evil. Political purposes? Absolutely. And the rabbis should applaud him for doing so. They should applaud a man who has the courage to stand up against an ongoing repetition of extermination. 

What if others such as Sen. Fitzgerald had been willing to stand up to Hitler? Would “a group of rabbis” attack those individuals as having a “political opinion?” 

It is “a group of rabbis” who “abuse the memory” of the Holocaust. They should be in the forefront of the war against the ongoing holocaust of abortion.

What is the real motive of “a group of rabbis” who attack someone who is reminding us of the inhumanity of the Holocaust?

The 1920 presidential election was the last election in which a majority of Jewish votes went to a Republican. Since the first election of President Clinton in 1992, Jews have voted for the Democrat at an average of 75 percent per election. This calls into question whether there is a biased attempt by the rabbis to discredit a Republican candidate for Congress. 

Read the platforms. Republicans stand for life. They remember the Holocaust of World War II and seek to end the holocaust of abortion. Democrats stand for continuing the holocaust of abortion. 

For an unfathomable reason, “a group of rabbis” prefer to support a second holocaust. Shame on them.

Rich Kiper is a Leavenworth Times columnist.