The Jermaine White story is about a young man who persevered through life's obstacles while shedding the stigma of a small-town boy with big-city dreams. Sorry Kansas City, J. White Did It is from Leavenworth. 

The First City of Kansas has turned the tide as the nation looks a little closer at a successful rising producer and his origins.

“I was born in Arkansas, but I have been frequently visiting Leavenworth since I was 3 years old, and I moved up there when I was about 12,” said White. “That was about 1998. 

“I had family that lived in Leavenworth that we would visit. I lived there until I was like 23 years old.” 

Jermaine’s family is very important to him as he makes sure he comes back to the First City once a month to stay connected. He is currently residing in Dallas, Texas. 

When asked how he manages his time and attention across the nation, J. White responded, “Man, it’s all about having a good support team.”

Jermaine’s childhood and early inspirations were Mannie Fresh and Teddy Riley. He also listed Timberland, Lil John, Dr. Dre, Scott Storch and Quincy Jones. Jermaine’s taste in music is a wide collection, coming from a musical family. 

“Mom sang in a gospel group and dad played and sang in the group,” he said. “We were a musical family. I got my first keyboard at Radio Shack. I remember making beats on a tape deck and keyboard.

“At the age of 17, I finally felt professional selling beats to a military dude and remember being excited.”

J. White Did It has come a long way since selling beats for anyone who would buy them to making hit records with major radio play. J. White makes impressionable instrumentation on Cardi B’s new album “Invasion of Privacy.” He is credited with producing the Latin hip hop song “I Like It” and confidently secured the hit “Money Bag.” 

Jermaine White’s success with “Bodak Yellow” was a team project. J. White Did It made the beat and sent it off to the engineers for mixing and mastering as well as recording Cardi’s vocals. Jermaine started working with Cardi B in 2016.

“I was down in life at the time,” he said. “I called a friend, Shaft, I have known since 19 years old and had not seen in 11 years since I was trying to sell beats to whoever. He asked me to come over. I did. Cardi B came and sat down in the room with me and Shaft. I knew she was going to be a success. I bet on Cardi B.” 

Jermaine remembers flying to New York with no money. He lived in New York for six months. How did he do it? 

“With intuition, faith and work ethic, know that you can do it and do not give up on yourself,” said Jermaine.

White’s lifelong consistency for perfecting his craft has perpetuated his success today. The Grammy-nominated producer proudly returned home April 13 to celebrate with the First City. At the event, Jermaine presented Jermaine Wilson, mayor pro tem, with the J. White Did It Award for making an impact in the community. Check out Unity in the Community on Facebook for more info on how you can uplift the First City. 

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