To the editor:

I am so glad to hear Tony Barton is running for the 41st District state representative position. It has been a long two years dealing with the misguided voting record of Jeff Pittman in the Legislature. It will be good to have a real conservative and outstanding statesman back in the statehouse from Leavenworth. 

Thanks to Pittman and his Democrat colleagues, our state income tax went up last year (retroactive to January 2017) and then they just took another chunk out of our federal tax cut. President Trump has shown what the economy of this country can do with tax cuts. All except in Kansas, where the Democrat and RINO state legislators believe they need and deserve your federal tax cut more than you do. 

Now is the time to give the Kansas taxpayers more of their money back from the state. They say the last Kansas tax cut cost Kansas being able to balance its budget. Well, we all know from our home budgets that if your income is reduced, you have to cut your expenses. The Kansas Legislature failed to enact the proper spending cuts to offset the 2012 tax cuts. The tax cuts did not generate enough new money to offset the spending spree that continued. 

The more money we give the state the more it will spend. Politicians are addicted to our money and must have more and more to meet their increasing appetite to spend more. Democrats like Jeff Pittman will just keep taking more of our money and then increase spending on things the state doesn’t need. 

It is time to vote the “tax and spend” Democrats out, their RINO friends out, and put true conservatives back in charge of our state government. Thanks again to Mr. Barton for throwing his hat into the ring to replace a sub-par politician.

Editor’s note: As of Tuesday, Barton’s name was not listed as a candidate on the Kansas Secretary of State’s website.