To the editor:

I am glad that State Rep. Jeff Pittman will be running for reelection. I am glad that Mr. Barton is running also because it brings out the best of the candidates.

In a letter to the editor May 9, the author took issue with the representative from our district and his party affiliates. The author states that our taxes increased. The Legislature had to make the tax increase retroactive to January 2017. What were the reasons? I cannot explain all of the reasons but from my perspective it was the former Gov. Sam Brownback and the Republican-controlled Legislature’s budgeting that caused our state to go into deep debt.  

Local businesses, including Johnson County, tried to get the governor to reinstate the taxes because they saw what damage it was doing to our state. The governor refused to do it.

Then even with a majority, Republican, the Legislature passed the new tax bill. So the author blames the Democrats. The Republicans did not share in this issue?

The author states that “The Kansas Legislature failed to enact the proper spending cuts to offset the 2012 tax cuts.” Once again, the Republicans controlled the Legislature.  

The author fails to explain that during this time, the Republican Legislature was maneuvering the funds from other state entities – KDOT – to pay for other programs. KDOT is so very important to this state. My friends and I have traveled many miles around this country. I worked for a time as a youth on an Illinois toll road, and of course in the military, going hither and yon, I can report that our roads are superb and others mention that also.

Also, KPERS suffers from the same issues as KDOT – rob Peter to pay Paul. So where does the author see necessary spending cuts? I did not read any suggestions where spending cuts could be accomplished.  

The author states, “President Trump has shown what the economy of the country can do with tax cuts ...” 

Unemployment is down, as it has been going down since the recession about eight years ago. The figures do not include those not looking for work. Jobs are staying in the United States, like Indiana, where Carrier is now in Mexico. The list goes on and on.  

I am not some rich person, so when my taxes were finished, I had my taxes run through a program that predicts next year’s tax liability based on the new tax laws. I realized an increase of $675 in payment to the government. Some cut. Hope I do not need stitches.