To the editor:

This is in response to Ms. Heflin’s latest letter. Ms. Heflin has never contacted me directly on any matter. My number is in the phone book. 

I responded in your paper to an unsupported and completely false allegation of racism on the part of the Leavenworth Board of Education (BOE) by Ms. Heflin. That letter informed her which monthly BOE meetings she could review if she didn’t believe me that the BOE is concerned about not only simple numbers of elementary students by grade but also the socio-economic and racial distribution of elementary students in its schools. 

Like Ms. Heflin at one point in time, I thought that a simple adjustment of elementary attendance areas would reduce overcrowding at Henry Leavenworth. However, our superintendent among others educated me on this subject. Such simplistic adjustments would lead to Lawson Elementary becoming the poor minority school and Henry Leavenworth Elementary becoming the affluent, primarily white student school. We already closely control elementary school transfers. That would be bad for Leavenworth.

The Leavenworth’s school district’s proposed bond issue is not a half-backed idea. District administrators, teachers, parents and community leaders developed it over six months. It meets Leavenworth students’ current needs and provides facilities that can attract families to Leavenworth. Those same facilities provide a strong base from which future Leavenworth BOEs can make necessary adjustments in response to changing future educational requirements.

If anyone has a school district concern or question they can contact me directly. I serve this community as an unpaid volunteer. I do my homework. I read the 100- to 200-page board packets each month. As your elected representative I ask administrators questions about things going on in the district that I don’t understand. I pass constituent questions on to the appropriate individual for response. That does not mean that the person asking the question gets the response they want. I do listen to constituent concerns. That does not mean that I automatically will agree to vote the way that individual wants. The voters hired me four times to use my informed judgment. That judgment leads me to urge your readers to vote yes on the proposed school bond issue.