To the editor:

As I read, listen to and watch news outlets, I am struck by a statement made by a House representative of Houston’s congressional district. I am paraphrasing, but in essence, he said “He (Speaker of the House Paul Ryan) is to blame for a lot of this ineffectual discussion on a myriad of problems facing this country.”  The speaker of the House controls the agenda of what is discussed etc., on the floor. The congressman from Houston is frustrated that bills that have been submitted referencing weapons and other issues have not been brought forth for debate. What are the reasons?

The congressman from Houston (paraphrased) states that it is because anything to do with the National Rifle Association during the mid-term elections are on hold. The ratings that the National Rifle Association assigns to our public officials are more important to them than standing up or even participating in discussions on this issue. I never thought it was that controlling. Sure, they can vote against a bill, but to even stop discussing it on the floor speaks to me that even one interest group can control what happens or does not happen our country. Voters, read, listen and watch all the news outlets, form your opinions and voice them to your representative(s) by voting. The low turnout at elections has given special interest groups more influence than is necessary. We, the American people, need to take control of our country and not allow special interests, no matter what they advocate, run this country.