To the editor:

It is true that school bonds are to USD 453 as mortgages are to families. The parallel ends there. Contrary to Doug Darling’s letter of May 29 and in a previous letter, there is no far-flung electorate needing valid data on which to base a vote concerning home mortgages. Concerning bonds, there is such a need. We should all favor a well-informed voter. 

Darling sees the facts presented in Donna Gillett’s May 25 letter to the editor as a negative (in other words, vote no). Facts are stubborn things. The school board didn’t come clean publicly about the actual costs of the bond. Darling has written at least five letters finding fault with patrons’ letters but never once has he disclosed the total and true cost of this bond like Gillett’s May 25 letter did. The voters need the facts.

Another thing that Darling failed to mention in his many letters is the unnecessary additional thousands of dollars to be paid by taxpayers because the school board forced a special mail-out ballot rather than voting on the regular ballot in November. Vote no on this bond issue.