To the editor:

Many people have approached me regarding the USD 453 school bond that has gone for a vote with their own questions and stories about the situation.

One theory that causes me the most concern, but also seems possible, is one of a conspiracy to evict Leavenworth residents from their homes, possibly through eminent domain, by forces within the city, the school district and the fort.

One reliable source told me about a “technology center” that is supposedly planned for entire blocks of northern Leavenworth, from Cheyenne to Kiowa (three blocks) and Fifth to Seventh (two blocks).

This source heard that the reason that some people within the school district have been encouraged to stop using Lawson Elementary as an elementary school is so it will be easier to close the school altogether once this new technology center is built.

If this secret land deal is real and goes through, nearly 30 homes and some businesses will be impacted.

If this clandestine land grab is like the graft that reportedly occurred when Kansas City, Kansas, forcefully took over homes in the area that is now the Legends shopping area, a few select people will benefit financially from the land sales, but many more will suffer the loss of their homes with little, if any, compensation.

My impulse as a citizen was to email all the city commissioners, the city manager, several district personnel and the fort commander to seek information about this conspiracy theory, but the vote for the bond issue is happening right now, and I feel Leavenworth citizens deserve to know all of the potential outcomes of the election.

I sincerely hope this rumor is false, but the specificity of the details makes me wonder.