To the editor:

Memorial Day is a day of remembering the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice by dying while serving our country in one of the armed services. After reading a recent tweet by Rep. Jeff Pittman on his campaign page @votepittman, I was shocked to see how naive he is of the meaning behind the holiday. In the posting, he and his wife were photographed visiting the grave of Col. John Barclay, a relative. In the text of the tweet, he writes, “I remember and deeply appreciate the ultimate sacrifice Col. John R. Barclay made.”

Col. Barclay died a private citizen at the age of 89. Col. Barclay no doubt made many sacrifices during his service to our country, but he did not make the “ultimate sacrifice.” Additionally, I found it a bit crass a photograph of the couple on his political page. It portrays them as seemingly having a good time, smiling and leaning against the headstone in a cemetery on a day devoted to mourning and remembering the fallen. It lends to the makings of a political photo opportunity rather than a sincere act of remembrance of the fallen.  

I hope Rep. Pittman will take a moment to educate himself and become more sensitive toward those honored few who have made the ultimate sacrifice.