To the editor:

I am writing in support of the upcoming USD 453 bond issue.  As a retired, longtime administrator in the district, I understand the impact our facilities can have on student achievement, and believe that the plan put forward is an important step in ensuring that the children in our community have the best possible opportunities for long-term educational success.  

Warren Middle School currently serves 150 students more than the educational capacity and it shows. Passing periods are packed, lunch coordination is a constant challenge and areas that were once intended as collaboration spaces are now make-shift classrooms. At Henry Leavenworth, located where most of our city growth is occurring, it’s the same story, just as it is at Anthony and David Brewer. We owe these children more.  

Beyond addressing overcrowding, the proposal also includes needed safety and security enhancements in the form of storm shelters at Warren and Lawson and a new, secure entry at LHS.  It should go without saying that our foremost priority is always the protection of our students.  

The power of a quality education cannot be understated and I will be voting yes on the June 15 for the no tax increase bond issue because I believe it will continue our longstanding community tradition of doing all we can to support the future of Leavenworth’s most precious commodity.