How agonizing it must be to wake up every morning and realize that your vision of what America should look like is not in line with the millions of other Americans who represent the majority in this country. Truly, having that reality thrust in your face each and every day could certainly make a person pretty angry. Moreover, having to deal with the fact that everyone does not share the same opinions, values, ideals and future for this country must be equally horrifying. Of course, I’m speaking of the liberal elites, the main stream media, “Hollyweird” types and others.

In fairness, I’m trying to put myself in the place of the liberal elites in Washington, the out of touch Hollywood court jesters and the mainstream media in an effort to understand their current state of mind. I suppose that if I woke up one day and the world had changed overnight to something that I was totally unprepared for, I could quite possibly lose my mind as well.

Losing their minds – insanity – is the only answer that explains their irrational words and actions. Pure insanity seems to have taken hold of the Democratic Party and liberals occupying the east and west coasts of this country. Why else would such outlandish actions and words be endlessly spewed out by them on a daily basis if they were rational people? Why else would anyone speak against safe communities, secure borders, less taxes, more jobs, higher pay and less burdens on our lives?

This state of insanity, which seems to be a common condition being experienced by so many since November 2016, obviously fuels extreme hatred based on the actions of people like De Niro who hate Trump for unknown reasons and who want each of us to hate Trump, too. Otherwise, De Niro hates you.

Hatred fuels blindness. Certainly you must be blind and full of hatred each and every day to ignore all of the good things President Trump has accomplished since taking office. A simple example is the recent peace summit with Kim Jong Un of North Korea whereby, for the first time in 60 years, we may actually see an end to the Korean Conflict, a de-nuclearized Korean Peninsula and peace and stability in that region. Who in their right mind would oppose these efforts?

I’ll answer that. No one in their right mind, that’s who.

It is so very frustrating to listen to the pundits and politicians who are so negative and pessimistic about everything that President Trump and his staff are doing, even in the face of potential good for this country. It just doesn’t make any sense. No doubt these are very turbulent times in our country where the embers of distrust, dislike, discord and disunity are being fueled by pure hatred and the focus appears to be on the individual and political party rather than the good of the entire country.  

I wonder if the politicians, entertainers, socialists and activists would be hollering so loudly – or at all – if we just removed Trump’s name from the conversation or if some other politician had been elected and done the exact things as Trump? If a Democrat was bringing peace to the Korean Peninsula, would Pelosi and Schumer be running to the microphone declaring that the summit was a failure and a spectacle? I doubt it. It seems apparent to me that these people are, for some unknown reason, simply and extremely jealous of President Trump and that is spawning their hatred.

Certainly, this column is too short to name all of the good things President Trump has accomplished for this country in his short time in office in spite of all of the naysayers and haters. It really is quite sad but extremely revealing as to the true nature of the left-leaning liberal extremists who are under the false impression that they are the majority in this country. Fortunately, their actions and words will continue to awaken the conservative majority in this country into even more and more action.

Viper One Six – Out.

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