To the editor:

Define our heritage as the United States of America? A country founded due to religious differences? A country that evolved though the differences of religions, ethnicity and greed? A country that fought against control by a foreign entity? A country that almost erased a culture and inhabitants for their own benefit? A country that fought ferociously for freedom? A country that brought persons here for enslavement? A country that fought a war between brothers and sisters for an idea? A country that expanded the country by purchasing land while inviting countries to send their unwanted persons?

Did those persons build the railroads, roads, sewers, tunnels and bridges? All of these persons fought against countries that would enslave them and their friends, aiding the countries that believe in similar beliefs. Is this a country that is a beacon for others?

There is no perfect answer. We all have opinions. Mine is this. Part of my ancestors came to this country to escape a famine. They built railroads and were the target of many discriminations. Part of my ancestors left their homes in a Norse country and a European country to escape poverty and religious intolerance. They worked as maids, policeman, etc. Their children spent their lives defending this country more than once by serving and working at hospitals giving comfort and care. 

Our children served in the defense of our country once again, married a person from another country, engaged to another ethnic group and granted us grandchildren that are growing up in a society of persons who are so self-centered that they can only get involved when it affects them.  

I am not preaching for one side or another but we are a nation founded under God. The God I believe in does not act this way to others. I believe in the rule of law but not in a person who believes that they are above the law.