To the editor:

I would like to thank taxpayers, all those who spend sales tax in Leavenworth County and those who voted yes to extend the sales tax for the purpose of paving East McIntyre Road, Eisenhower Road and 147th Street. Also, thanks to the Leavenworth County Commission and Lansing City Commission for following through with the project, even when there was objection from some. A very special thanks to Linaweaver Construction and Benesch, Engineering and Planners, who ultimately did the construction and kept us informed of what would be happening on a day to day or weekly basis and facilitated access to our property. They helped eagerly and listened to our concerns.

There are a few areas of concern still to be addressed but I am confident they will be fixed. Granted, much of the project is not completed, but the section in the Lansing city limits is nearly done, and I’m sure someone will continue to ensure all are happy with their property/road changes.

Our quality of life has definitely been improved by the paving. Our environment has definitely changed for the better. We will still feel like we are in the country with farms on two sides of us. I no longer have to change my clothes and my shoes after walking the dog, even if it is in the back yard. The dust was awful with the north and south winds carrying road dust for great distances. It is especially beneficial when you have health issues, like allergies and COPD or other lung problems, to eliminate as much dust as possible. Our outdoor furniture and garage are much cleaner and therefore a lot less dust is tracked and sucked into the house. On a personal level, my coughing has definitely decreased since the road was paved. This road is definitely heavily traveled as access to Kansas 7 Highway and ultimately I-435 and it can't help but be safer than the very narrow road with blind hills that exists now.

I am a firm believer in a policy that mandates paving for all city streets and it is admirable that the Leavenworth County Commission is at least considering how to pave all county roads. It needs to be planned for when property is annexed and developed. 

At the very least dust control should be made available at a more affordable rate and charged to the property tax if residents so desire.  

I can only imagine that there would be far fewer accidents on paved roads. 

Thank you for a project well done.