The signs are encouraging as young people seem to be embracing life as it was before technology glued cell phones to our ears and we let the internet do all the thinking. 

It’s refreshing to see our adult children take interest in their surroundings other than what’s on their cell phones. They recycle and are not only conscious about what chemicals are used for the health of the planet, but try to be healthy in what they eat and are vigilant about exercising.

I think this generation realized where the previous one may have gone wrong. Sitting on the couch for too many years will make you fat. It’s all just simple mathematics – calories versus exercise, which somehow was lost among the excitement of being entertained by electronics.

My oldest daughter is a committed recycler and not only talks the talk of being green, but also walks the walk. I’m always worried I’m going to push the wrong button on top of the toilet at their place, since one is to flush solids and one for liquids. Just to be on the safe side I always push both twice. She even invested in composting worms to make the job more efficient. I’m hoping when she’s done with them they’ll come my way, as they would make some great bait for fishing.

I love that gardening is becoming popular again, although I’m not doing it to be healthy or organic. I just like to play in the dirt. Whether it’s fake news or real, I am interested in the study which has found digging in the dirt is good for your overall health and well-being. I’ve been trying to dig in the dirt as much as possible recently, hoping it helps with the menopausal mood swings.

I’ll admit to not being very good at recycling. The only thing I’ve done that’s remotely helping the planet was stockpiling the plastic bags from the grocery store. After filling a trash bag I’d pass it along to one of the day cares the grandkids attend. Apparently I buy too many groceries because they don’t seem as excited now when I unload them and overstuff their plastic bag boxes.

I decided to invest in a new-fangled contraption I saw on an info-commercial. It has four cloth bags hanging from a dowel rod, which then hooks onto your shopping cart. Ta-da! I’m officially going green as I won’t be needing any more plastic bags.

He walked in the door just as I was trying to Velcro the bags back onto the rod so I could roll it back up. 

“What now?” he asked. “You trying to save the planet one bag at a time?”

Yes, maybe I am, unless the new contraption ends up with the other 40 cloth bags I’ve accumulated and have never left the garage.

I just got back from the grocery store. Guess what I forgot to take with me?

Sandy Turner is a GateHouse Media columnist.