While not all leftists are lunatics, the Democratic party is now the party of leftist lunatics. Recently, we have witnessed the dismantling of any semblance of rational behavior and tolerance of opposing views by leftist Democrat members of Congress, actors and so-called comedians.

Actions by mobs, buoyed by the likes of Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters, actor Peter Fonda, NYU professor Sam Lavigne and business owners in Virginia, Florida and Washington, D.C., have raised the specter of not just harassment, but the prospect of violence and physical harm.

Waters declared that people should “create a crowd” and “push back” against Trump cabinet members and tell them they are “not welcome anymore anywhere.” We now see leftists massing outside of Trump officials’ homes and following them around town.

At what point will harassment become violence?

Even after being scolded by Democrat Sen. Schumer, Waters did not apologize for her remarks. Democrat Rep. Pelosi gave another of her incomprehensible, say-nothing attempts to vindicate Waters.

We see Trump supporters being forced to leave restaurants for wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat. If a customer does not accept the owner’s leftist ideology, the person will not be served. For them, there is no First Amendment right to wear a Republican hat. Due to discrimination against blacks, courts determined that, because restaurants engage in interstate commerce, anyone who wanted to be served had to be. Apparently, neither the Constitution nor court rulings apply to those who remove or refuse to serve Trump supporters. 

Some Democrats seem to relish comments made by Democrat supporter Peter Fonda who said “we should rip Barron Trump from his mother’s arms and put him in a cage with pedophiles.” Fonda added that the secretary of Homeland Security should be “naked and whipped by passersby while being filmed for posterity.” Professor Lavigne has published names and addresses of ICE agents and Fonda has called for anti-Trump crowds to learn where agents’ children go to school and protest outside of those buildings.

Is it the Democrat position that children of Republicans be targeted?     

We see the left making the vilest of crude, sexist, despicable four-letter word name-calling, often on national TV, about Ivanka Trump and Sarah Sanders. Both men and women called these women the most disgusting terms possible. I have yet to read of any Democrat woman leader who has protested these vile terms. If someone did protest, it certainly was not on page one above the fold.

Where is the Democrat outrage over this type of leftish behavior?

We saw a so-called comedian carrying a cardboard bloody head depicting our president. Dare we think of the level of justifiable outrage had the head been that of our previous president?

We have seen riots and disruptions on campuses when conservative or pro-Israel speakers were invited to speak. We have seen smashing windows, pounding on cars, throwing bricks, paint balloons and smoke bombs, blocking entrances to auditoriums, shouting down speakers who disagree with what these thugs want to hear and physically driving speakers from the podium.

For the left, the only free speech is their speech. Alternative views are forbidden. Leftists such as Waters, Pelosi, Fonda and Michelle Wolfe, whose rant at the annual correspondents’ dinner was described by a Hollywood news site as X-rated, have become the faces and voices of the Democrats.

President Trump attacks those who attack him and his policies, but he has not resorted to four-letter epithets. Republicans have not shut down speakers at universities or rioted or damaged property. They have not called for disrupting Democrats’ family dinners in public places, screaming at them in their homes or placing the children of Democrats with pedophiles. No, those are positions held by the left, not the right. 

It is indefensible that Democrats are not filling the letters sections of the Leavenworth Times and Kansas City Star with indignation over what the left is doing. 

“Qui tacet consentit.” Silence gives consent.

Rich Kiper is a Leavenworth Times columnist.