To the editor:

I laugh every time a UCon metaphorically hangs himself with his repugnant opinions.

Take Sen. Mitch McConnell, for instance. He refused to allow Obama to name a Supreme Court justice because it was an election year, but here we are in another election year, and McConnell plans to ram through another UCon justice for Trump. Hypocrite.

Or take Rich Kiper, wannabe politician who writes for the Leavenworth Times, who pretends to be all concerned about Samantha Bee’s name calling of Ivanka Trump. I say pretends because he never complained when Trump talked about grabbing women by their privates. Kiper probably has used the same word in Algonquin that Bee used – squaw – anytime he’s said local place names like Squaw Creek. Where’s his outrage that a degrading Algonquin word is used in American place names?

Or take Dave Shearman, who calls himself Viper One Six, who rarely ever says anything uniting, except to those like himself who love the divisiveness Trump has brought to America through racism, sexism and bigotry.

Kiper, of course, imitated Shearman’s venom in a column recently, seeming to relish in the fact that he’s helped to make Americans with a conscience angry and unhappy.

Why do these white men seem so afraid?

Because their ideal has become a reality, and they have suddenly discovered that very few Americans embrace those ideals. In fact, as they count up the victories they believe Trump has managed, they know the numbers are stacked against them.

The vast majority of Americans, even here in the Midwest, are more mature than these men who adore Trump and his white male supremacy supporters.

And, rather than admit that they should learn how to play well with others, UCons are doubling down on their divisive rhetoric, hoping to stir up a war that will, they hope, vindicate their hatred, fear and loathing of liberals.

UCons make a bad name for more moderate conservatives who might be fiscally conservative, but most of whom are socially moderate or even liberal, those upset when children are separated from their parents because of a terrible UCon policy.

Only people possessed by demons would tolerate the UCons’ intolerance of difference. True Americans know this nation was built on embracing people from different genders, religions, cultures and values. We are an amalgamation of many nations, and separating ourselves from the rest of the world is suicide, a suicide gleefully sought by UCons who only seek to make America great for some people, not all.

A reckoning is coming, but not one these bigoted UCons want. Since they see the writing on the wall, they are doing their best to make the sane seem insane because their own duplicity has been detected.