To the editor:

Where does one start when evaluating Kris Kobach? Is it when he claims non-citizens are voting by the millions in U.S. elections? Why does he think that people from Central and South America are willing to travel through Mexico where they risk being beaten, robbed, raped or killed to get to the U.S. border, where the risks come from dehydration, heat stroke and rattlesnakes just so they can vote in some election? If they survived all that danger, the last thing they want is to attract attention.

Is it when he claims that 2.5 million non-citizens voted illegally in the last presidential election? By proportion, Kansas would have had more than 22,000 non-citizens voting in that election, but Kobach has prosecuted only a scant handful of illegal voters and nearly all were citizens. Kobach is either wildly in error with that 2.5 million claim or else he is a very feeble and lazy prosecutor.  

Is it when he just finished demonstrating his poor preparation and incompetence defending the voter registration law he dumped on Kansas a few years ago? Is it when his expert witnesses were anything but and the judge (who was appointed by George W. Bush) had to continually take him to task and order him to take some remedial law classes? But he did prove the old saying about a lawyer representing himself has a fool for a client is true.

Is it when Kobach wants to stiff  Kansas taxpayers with the fines and court costs he ran up with his embarrassing performance?

And now Kobach wants to be governor of Kansas. Kansas just suffered seven years of one of the worst governors ever and now Kobach wants to lower the bar even further.