To the editor:

In their zeal to bad mouth President Trump, Democrats and their media pals are acting like tariffs didn’t exist and that we haven’t been the victims of them. That’s totally untrue. Our companies have been the victims of tariffs levied against their products by many countries for decades. All President Trump has done is to finally engage us in that battle, to retaliate in kind, with our own tariffs on their goods.

Previously, it’s been one-sided. Other countries have levied heavy tariffs to make our products very expensive within their borders, to protect sales of their products at home. President Trump’s true objective is to end all tariffs and establish a totally even, fair field for our products abroad.

He knows the economies of the countries levying those high tariffs will suffer economically from our tariffs on their products coming to the U.S., and they’ll capitulate. Indeed, it has already started. Merkel already says she will drop the huge tariffs the Germans levy on our cars going into Germany. Others will follow, as their economies can’t withstand high tariffs on their products coming into the U.S., and the corresponding drop in sales here. We’re not only a huge producer economy, we’re the most prolific consumers on the planet too.

The size of our economy, coupled with the quality of many of our products, will make an even playing field absolutely ripe for greatly increased sales of our products abroad. Those tariffs, along with our high taxes at home, made many of our products non-competitive on the world markets because of the high prices for them in other countries. The reduction in taxes President Trump enacted, along with a zero tariff environment, will skyrocket the sales of our products abroad and further add to our economic boom. Trump knows this very well.

President Trump will tariff metals like steel and aluminum. He wants us to redevelop our ability to produce those metals here and not have to import them. He’s creating the environment for that. This is a national security issue many military leaders and Trump have worried about for years. Without the ability to quickly produce and use those metals for defense purposes, we can’t engage in a large-scale war, even if given no choice. We couldn’t presently go into hyper-production of war machines and materials like the WW II days. We haven’t the metal production capability to do so, and it’s vital we regain that ability.

In the short term, these tariffs will cause turmoil and grousing, but in the long run, what President Trump is doing will pay huge economic rewards for America. And remember, we’re only doing to others what they’ve been doing to us for decades. 

The difference now is Trump has the guts and economic knowledge to fight this battle and win it, where others lacked those traits and ignored a rotten trade situation.

President Trump is doing what he promised he would do – establish fair trade and promote American products.

There’s nothing bad about that unless you’re rooting for our competitors and our enemies and not for America. The Democrats and our media are actually hoping for an economic catastrophe in this country. They’re trying to cause it. Trumps is the antithesis of them. He’s on our side.