To the editor:

Yesterday, I watched a news conference for two of the most powerful liars on planet Earth. One lies because he can. Disagree with Vladimir Putin and you will have an accident or die of some type of bizarre exposure to chemicals or radiation.  

The other is our President Donald J. Trump. I don’t know why he lies. He is very successful, very wealthy, has a beautiful wife and is the president of the United States.

That being said, they are both liars, and you have to be some kind of ignorant to continue to believe what a known liar says.

Donald Trump was born wealthy, never had to worry about a roof over his head or where his next meal came from, yet those who work paycheck to paycheck seem to think that he knows what they need.  

Donald Trump managed to avoid the draft with college deferments and “bone spurs” yet he is now the commander in chief of our military. Donald Trump has done very little in his life that did not benefit him. When he says that the new tax system will cost him money, he’s lying.  

I should get a bigger refund on my taxes, but if I want to buy a car or another product that uses overseas materials, it’ll cost me more due to his trade policies.

He has already attacked my paycheck as a federal retiree by expressing a desire to stop my cost of living raises. He lies so much, I don’t know what I can believe.  

Some point to the campaign promises he’s made, and the attempts to fulfill them. Some are being completed to some degree, but there are some that are not.

He appears to need attention to an extent that borders on mania, doing anything or saying anything to get time on television or in newspapers.

I just hope whoever has the football keeps a tight grip on it. As I’m typing this, the news is carrying a story that he is saying that he misspoke yesterday.

Somebody must have broken through his ego shield and convinced him that he made a big mistake with his comments, but again, I’m sorry, I can’t believe this statement either.