I am invited to write this weekly column to offer a conservative viewpoint based on my opinion of the subject matter. That is what opinion columns are. I fully understand that some readers do not share my viewpoint. However, based upon a significant amount of positive feedback, I also know that many readers do share my opinion. That is what makes this country great – varying opinions freely expressed without threat of retribution. I respect everyone’s right to their own opinion so long as people respect my right to my opinion.

I recently wrote a column dated June 14 in which I expressed my opinion regarding the disgusting public remarks made by actor Robert De Niro who used explicit language directed at the president of the United States of America.

It is true that I did not care for President Obama. I did not like many of his policies, his approach toward global affairs and that he publicly supported anti-government, bigoted groups that called for the murder of police officers in this country. I did not appreciate a hate group being invited into the White House which was an act of endorsement.

But he was the president of the United States and I respected the office he held. Even though I did not agree with President Obama, I did not use vulgar language in front of millions of people in an act of defiance and resistance as did De Niro against President Trump last month.  I did not speak in front of millions of people and say that I dreamed of “bombing the White House” as Madonna did. Nor did I hold a model of the president which showed him decapitated as did comedian Kathy Griffin when she held a model of a decapitated President Trump.

The point I was making was how out of control people have become since President Trump was elected and it continues to this day, particularly people who have enormous public platforms such as political pundits, main street media and Hollywood personalities.

Evidently, there are people who think that is acceptable behavior. I do not, no matter who is the president. 

I am a conservative person with varying opinions based on my personal experiences.

For the record, I believe the United States is a truly unique country founded on principles and ideals forged in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I am not ashamed of the United States or its history and I don’t buy into this whole “shaming the U.S.” theory perpetrated by the intellectual elite.

I am an American. I live, work and raise my family in this country and therefore believe I should support this country in every way possible. What I don’t understand, nor agree with, is fellow citizens who also enjoy the privileges and luxuries afforded to us Americans yet call for the destruction of the very country that provides them that unique way of life. It makes no sense to me.

I believe in capitalism and not socialism in any form, to include the soft version of Democratic Socialism. I believe this country has no obligation to provide anything to me except a peaceful, secure and stable environment for which I can pursue my dreams, achieve success or experience failure.

I believe in law, order and justice for all and I don’t believe anyone is above the law – period. I do not believe in anarchy.

I believe in a small federal government and low taxes to support that government. I believe in secure borders and sound immigration policies.

I believe in honor, duty and this country. I believe in respecting others and treating others as I would expect to be treated.

Recently, an erroneous comment was made by a reader who stated that I “rarely” write anything unifying in my column. To be clear, by my count, I have written a total of 42 columns for the Leavenworth Times over the past several years. Of those 42 columns, I have written four columns where the subject matter was related to politics. Within those four columns, I have voiced my opinion, which I am entitled to do, regarding the words and actions of political pundits, extreme far-left liberals, Washington and Hollywood elites and liberal thought. In the remaining 38 columns, I have written about celebrating national holidays, my travels overseas, the military and police and community events.

In doing the simple math on these numbers, it doesn’t take a Ph.D. to deduce that four out of 42 does not equate to the definition of “rarely.”  

I will continue to write in this column and offer my opinion regarding a multitude of subjects. I look forward to offering my conservative voice to offer an alternative opinion. I will share my personal experiences in an effort to highlight just how great this country is. Lastly, I will continue to be a voice of someone who believes deeply in America, our rich history, our role in the world, our benevolence, our great military and law enforcement communities and I do so without any fear.

Viper One Six – Out.

To contact Dave Shearman, send an email to viperonesix@gmail.com or check out his website, www.viperonesix.com