Over the past 30 days, nine police officers have been killed in the line of duty across the U.S. Most Americans watch the news in disbelief regarding the amount of violence being perpetrated against law enforcement in this country. Organizations and individuals openly call for the murder of police officers without the fear of criminal prosecution. So-called elected leaders of various cities, counties and states defy state and federal laws based solely on their personal ideology and not as a representative of an elected body. A city council in Southern California passed emergency local laws to harass and prevent businesses from even bidding on federal projects to include the southern border wall all because of their personal beliefs which are at odds with their constituents and national security.

Radical organizations and individuals spurred on and funded by the elite activists are attacking innocent civilians nationwide and conducting impromptu harassment operations against anyone who does not believe in their radical agendas.

City leaders in Seattle and Portland opening support counter-government – anarchist operations against DHS/ICE officials all while they abandon tax-paying lawful citizens in those communities. Congressmen and women have abandoned any semblance of professional behavior and norms and are instigating violent behavior of their unknowing constituents by fueling the flames of misinformation and discord for their own selfish, power-centric purposes.

There are calls to dismantle the Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) because those dedicated officers and agents are simply performing the job they were hired to do? An incredibly ignorant woman is running for attorney general of New York and her campaign pledge is to criminally prosecute ICE agents based on her personal ideological viewpoint versus anything based in actual codified law. Citizens in Chicago are being killed on a nightly basis and the liberal mayor refuses to do anything about it.

This is the state of America today.

How much further are law-abiding and tax-paying citizens of this country, no matter what side of the political aisle they may be on, going to allow this insanity to continue?

Is the dismantling and destruction of our American values going to be permitted to continue? Shall we all watch as we collectively proceed toward the edge of the proverbial cliff? Do those elites who advocate and orchestrate all the violence, upheaval, destruction, obstruction and resistance against our government and our society think that they will still be living in their walled million dollar mansions-compounds, driving their luxury cars, dining in the finest restaurants and enjoying the fruits of America when they have destroyed everything?

What is the end goal of this self-destructive behavior? Is it control and power of the masses? You have to wonder. There are serious questions plaguing rational Americans across the country as to the direction we are headed as a nation. I find it hard to believe that any rational thinking, thoughtful, informed person would align themselves with any organization, group or individuals calling for all of this discord and violence.

I pray that our country, and most importantly its citizenry, is resilient enough to carry us through this traumatic period of our country.

Viper One Six – Out.

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