To the editor:

On Aug. 7, I was at my mailbox trimming my red cardinal vine. I tripped and went down hard, hitting my head, right forearm, right hip and right knee. I was hurting so bad I couldn’t move for a moment, so I had a thought to wave someone down to help me get up.

I was a lady with gray hair lying on her driveway right next to the street. It was kind of obvious that I needed help. So I tried to wave someone down, but 25 minutes later, after five cars went by, someone stopped.

A good Samaritan named Marcus stopped and helped me up. I wanted to write this letter to the editor to thank him once again.

I could think of several reasons why people passed me up. Knowing how dangerous Muncie Road is between 4th and Hughes, people have to really keep their eyes on the road. Several people have gone off of the road because it has no shoulder and slopes down. Also, people might have been talking on their cell phones, the radio up loud, children in their ears, smoking or turning their head and talking to someone in the opposite direction that I was.

I’d like to ask people to be more aware of their surroundings. It could have been a child lying there hurt. It could have been a poor cat or a dog hit by a car and suffering. I’m sure you could add your own reasons. So please, let’s look out after each other because we’re all there is. And each one of us is important. God bless you.